Delivery Model

Centizen's HYBRID Deliver Model

This is an innovative and highly efficient delivery model as you will not have the burden of managing a large on-site team and at the same time can also get all the benefits of offshore outsourcing. The on-site team interacts directly with you to provide timely solutions and takes care of your suggestions. Almost 80% of the efforts and resource mobilization are undertaken at the offshore end in this model.

This tailored model uses selective outsourcing to achieve the twin benefits of continuous quality improvement and cost management. We deal with you directly and ensure that the outcome of your project matches with the given specification. Our hybrid model ensures circular and continuous support for the onsite centre. The effective processes that we undertake in this model assures knowledge transfer take place between the onsite and offshore teams making this model highly scalable, cost effective & operationally beneficial.


  • Innovative and highly effecient delivery model
  • Leverages the benefits of onsite, offsite, and offshore paradigms
  • Direct interaction with you and hence no possibility of communication gap
  • Round the clock continuous work cycle
  • Cost savings resulting from majority of the work being undertaken from our offshore office
  • Most value for your project with a lower TCO and high delivery quality