Delivery Model

Centizen's OFFSITE Deliver Model

Our offsite services wield the power of closeness and knowledge of your environment. We have in-depth near-shore expertise combined with extensive project experience. Our near-shore services is an excellent alternative for clients to serve their needs for additional resources whenever they have overflow work or they need spot support during peaks. We surpass such barriers as language and time zone variations to give you exceptional services.

This model helps you to have a risk-free ownership and receive adaptive solution for changes that may arise while implementing communication-intensive projects. Real and well timed interactions with our consultants will ensure dynamic responsiveness to the alterations in the wake of emerging needs. Our clear perception on the project and great synchronization guarantee wondrous results.


  • Centizen location within the United States
  • Cost effective model
  • Responsiveness to changes in your needs is faster
  • Physical proximity helps to understand your needs in a better way
  • Better coordination between your team and ours
  • Most suitable for critical implementation and support projects